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Among The Living / Patch
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Efilnikufesin N. Read Follow me or die! Spreading the Disease State of Euphoria I'm the Man Fistful of Anthrax Show lyrics. Scott Ian.

Five Questions with Anthrax’s Frank Bello (Web Exclusive)

Charlie Benante. Frank Bello. Joe Belladonna. Dan Spitz. Eddie Kramer. Don Brautigam R. The vocals absolutely killed it, as well as ridiculous lyrics such as, "I'm the walking dude", which just made matters worse. Belladonna's performance in "Imitation of Life" is about as wretched as it gets and left a bad taste in my mouth.

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A lot of people don't like them, and I get where they're coming from, but they honestly are good. Ladson-Billings, G. Hayes, K. Anthrax did consist of some of the best musicians in thrash metal at that time so not much to complain there. This was the band that released such songs as the great cover of Got The Time and the entirety of Spreading The Disease. In Among the Living, Ike, as well as the other major and minor characters, drew me in from page one. And that's about all there is to be said about the negative aspect.

This L. After a month or so, I ended up giving it another chance and putting forth effort to appreciate it for what it was.

Anthrax's 'Among the Living': The Story Behind Thrash OG's Mosh Masterpiece

Released in March , Anthrax's third L. Among the Living was the band's second release on Island Records and would go on to become their defining opus.

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One way or another, this is the sound that people identified with Anthrax and the record became somewhat iconic as their definitive statement. Musically, this record does not live up to its potential. It contains several dark riffs, such as the intro section to the title track, yet fails to capitalize. The atmosphere is lightened by the vocals, which do not seem to fit the music too well. Too many times, it sounds as if Joey is just talking really fast, instead of actually singing.

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It does not help, either, that the lyrics are less serious and, oftentimes. The themes are quite stupid, at times, such as "Caught in a Mosh" and "Indians". Thrash fans do not care about the plight of Native Americans and, if they do, they need to be rounded up and exterminated as well. There are not enough high-speed songs, as most are centered on the idiotic 'mosh riffs'. A few mid-paced parts are alright, but there was no need to focus on those instead of the faster sections, during which the band sounds much more impressive. That said, Among the Living is filled with memorable riffs and vocal lines as well.

While none of the songs reach the level that they could have, songs like "Efilnukifesin N. One of the primary weaknesses of this album would have to be the production. The drums and bass are too high in the mix and, for that matter, so are the vocals. The guitars should always be the main focus when it comes to any kind of metal, and they just do not possess the saw force as on Spreading the Disease. Had the guitars been higher and the other elements been lowered a bit, the character of this record would have been significantly altered for the better. Among the Living is a pretty decent thrash metal album, though not Anthrax's best effort, by any means.

While it may be the one that most people think of when the band is brought up, it pales in comparison to Fistful of Metal and is just below Spreading the Disease in terms of quality and sound. It is certainly worth listening to and not bad at all. Give it a listen and decide for yourself. With the now well defined thrash scene, Anthrax was just another thrash band. Yes, they help invent the genre, and were the among the first thrashers out of New York, but they needed a masterpiece to secure their spot as one of the best and most influential and defining thrash metal bands.

This masterpiece was called Among the Living. Don't get me wrong, Anthrax's material before Among the Living wasn't bad, but it wasn't nearly as mature, or as good, as anything from Among. Among the Living was where everything just came together. Joey Belladonna was at the highpoint of his career, Dan Spitz and Scott Ian were filled with memorable and thrashy riffs, Frank Bello was thinking up some unique things, and Charlie Benante was on fire with fast, thrashy drumming. Like I said, everything just came together.

Joey is fantastic throughout the record. On the title track, Indians, and Caught in a Mosh, he hits insanely high notes absolutely perfectly Example: Fire! Hot fire! Purge the world with fire!! He's still young, and this is really where he shines. Unlike a lot of thrash singers, he actually uses his pipes instead of yelling or growling or things of that nature, and it really makes Anthrax the band that they are. His singing is really great.

Dan Spitz is an awesome guitar player. His solos on this record are really good. A lot of people don't like them, and I get where they're coming from, but they honestly are good. He uses the B and E strings along with the whammy bar to create really fast, thrashy solos. It's not clean or technical, but it sounds great and gets the job done. Scott Ian also does a fine job on this record. And who can forget his yells? I know a lot of people bash Scott because they don't think he's that great, but the riffs he thinks up are out of this world, and he's wrote so many songs that nobody can doubt that he's a very talented musician.

Also, the energy Scott Ian has live is unmatchable. Seeing Scott Ian live is a treat, to say the least.

The bass doesn't play a huge part in this album, but it does have really nice parts, like the beginning of Caught in a Mosh. Frank had some nice bass lines and provided a solid background to everything. He also had some cool parts in caught in a mosh and I am the Law. I think they could have let him do some more things, because he mostly followed the guitar, but he stood out and the bass playing was solid. Charlie Benante was just a beast on this record. His drum work on the title track, I am the Law, really every song was just fantastic. He was playing at really fast, aggressive speeds, and he used the crash cymbol A LOT. The energy is just really high, and the drumming is top notch.

Among The Living / Patch

Everything is played cleanly and skillfully. The drumming is definately a highlight of this album. As you all know, Anthrax is in the big 4, so Among the Living is one of the easiest metal albums to get ahold of, and it's a true classic. Get it. It's well worth the money. Anthrax is one of those bands that you either really like or really don't care for. To some, they made five solid albums and went down hill and others will say they just went into a different direction.

Whatever your opinion about Anthrax is, the bottom line is that this is one of the greatest thrash albums of the 80's. It has everything you want in a thrash album; fast and well played bass, extremely catchy song lyrics, average rhythm guitars, and the legend Charlie Benante which is the only reason I listen to anything Anthrax after The only thing that this album is lacking is some serious guitar solos. I'll start with the drumming by Mr. It's one of the first things you hear on the album and it's going to be one of the only memorable thing in your head while you listen to Among the Living.

The constant double bass is placed perfectly in each song and the overall drumming is pretty much perfect. The drumming stands out in every single song. It's very hard to find a thrash album with better drumming then this. The amount of groove and complexity that flows through his drumsticks is absolutely phenomenal. Although the drum work isn't as complex as say Kreator's "Pleasure to Kill", the amount of groove that Benante puts forth is such a treat to listen to.

The guitar work in Among the Living is the only thing that leaves this album in the dust compared to other, superior thrash albums. It's just too straight forward for a thrash album and there is really no speed to it whatsoever.

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This album is thrash in almost every single way possible, besides the guitar work. The solos are very simple and Scott Ian has no memorable guitar work at all.

It's just slow and steady, but doesn't win the race. Often times it can be very boring and feel like you're listening to a nu-metal tune. It's just too slow and groovy to be part of a thrash metal album. As for Dan Spitz and his solos, well they fit each song well and that's pretty much it. They don't blow me away like other thrash solos do.

They are usually meant to have some serious speed and aimed to blow you away.

The solos provided by Dan Spitz, they don't do anything for me.