Bigelow Aerospace founder says commercial world will lead in space
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Modules shown in blue are U.

The agency plans to attach those astronaut quarters to the floating station, providing a place where astronauts can work, relax, eat and sleep. One such company, Bigelow Aerospace , is taking a slightly different approach to its space abodes.

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Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, the company thinks expandable habitat modules are the way to go. For launch, the B will be compressed enough to fit inside a According to company representatives, this feature enables B to provide more habitable volume than traditional aluminum modules. For comparison, the module boasts cubic meters 11, cubic feet of internal volume, while the International Space Station contains about cubic meters 32, cubic feet.

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Designed to be an independent space station, B will have its own life-support and propulsion systems, capable of supporting a crew of four indefinitely and could work just about anywhere—in orbit or in deep space. The demonstration proved that the materials used to build the BEAM could withstand the harsh environment of outer space. NASA plans to begin construction on the Gateway as soon as as part of its Artemis program, which aims to put astronauts on the moon by and establish a sustainable, long-term presence on and around the moon by NASA envisions this Gateway, and the proposed lunar exploration program it will support, to be a stepping stone to Mars.

So the Lunar Gateway could be just the beginning for Bigelow and the B Several NASA astronauts are participating in the testing to give input and assess the module.

After all, who better to review a space habitat than someone who has actually been to space? It also features multiple hand and foot rails, which are necessary features used by astronauts to get around sans gravity. But that doesn't mean a decision is imminent. Reporters were allowed to photograph the interior of one of the test modules, the all-steel Mars Transporter Testing Unit.

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But the other one was off-limits for imagery. The B is designed to be an independent space station; it will have its own life-support and propulsion systems, for example.

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The module takes its name from its cubic meters 11, cubic feet of internal volume. That's a lot of space.

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For comparison, the pressurized volume of the entire International Space Station ISS is about cubic m 32, cubic feet. The B is designed to support four astronauts indefinitely and five "for many months," Bigelow Aerospace founder and President Robert Bigelow said in a statement Thursday.

Ginsberg handled the objects as if he had come from an excavation site. Ginsberg, the Indiana Jones of apothecary relics, is also the president, owner, and historical expert of C.

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Established in by Dr. Galen Hunter, the store was originally called the Village Apothecary Shoppe. In , Clarence Otis Bigelow purchased it and renamed it after himself, moving it 22 years later, two doors down, to Sixth Avenue and Ninth Street, where it stands today. Over the last years, the Ginsberg family has amassed more than 10, pharmaceutical and beauty items, including original prescription and recipe books from the s; tablet rollers; old photographs; and midth-century cosmetics packaging. Earlier this month, Mr.

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Ginsberg invited The New York Times to photograph some of them. Ginsberg, 56, a soft-spoken man who slightly resembles the actor Ben Stiller, graduated from pharmacy school in and purchased Bigelow from his father in They were in boxes, thrown around like garbage.

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The more I dug, the more stuff I found. Eventually Mr.

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Ginsberg moved the artifacts to a warehouse on Long Island.