Love in the Ashes

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JinMi keeps telling them to stop but no one will. She sees people dying left and right and she remembers what the god lady told her. She is the cause of the war therefore she must stop it. While Xu Feng and Runyu unleash their power, JinMi jumps in the middle of it and the power attacks her. With her last breath, she tells RunYu to leave the vengence behind and go back to behind the kind person he is.

She tells Xu Feng to take the flower and live strongly without her. Her soul slowly dissipates and all the flowers wilted. The war stops. RunYu left afterward declaring that he will never return to the demon realm ever again. After JinMi died, Xu Feng lost all will to live. He gives up the flower too.

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Zhang leader comes to look for Xu Feng and sheds some truth to him. She tells him about the pill that cuts off her power to love.

She tells him that the god lady had predicted this event and therefore gave JinMi a seal that might help her. Perhaps she can help save JinMi again. XuFeng seeks the god lady for help. She speaks in a riddle but she tells him that he can seek for her one single lifeline. The whole flower realm helps. Flower realm, mortal realm, the snow mountain, he went everywhere to look for her. He went back to the place where they met in the mortal realm.

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People from the heaven realm come to look for Xu Feng and ask him to take power in the heaven realm since RunYu is no longer fitted. XuFeng goes to look for RunYu, who is chained to the bed because he is consumed by the monster inside him. RunYu tells him to kill him.

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Xu Feng draws his sword and stabs him but not to kill RunYu. He cuts off the chains.

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Runyu apologizes for his wrongdoings. He did all this just for the injustice and revenge he feels. He reveals the trust about the pill. JinMi loves Xu Feng so much that it cracks in the pill but he wanted her, so he fixes the pill. Three years later, RunYu visits Xu Feng at the house and talk like they did before. Before RunYu leaves, Xu Feng calls him brother.

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Hidden away by her mother, the Floral Goddess, the naïve Jinmi is drawn to Xufeng, the Heavenly Emperor's son, yet forces conspire against them. Ashes of Love (Chinese: 香蜜沉沉烬如霜) is a Chinese television series based on the novel Heavy Sweetness, Ash-like Frost by Dian Xian. It stars Yang Zi.

Xu Feng goes through the drawing and explains that he knew she was the bunny. He purposely let her go when they were going to burn her. When he kissed her, he pretended to be drunk only. When she told him she loves him, he threatened to kill her. But in truth, if she said it again, he was going to give up everything for her. He cries at the regrets and hears her call him.

JinMi materializes in front of him. Just when they thought that she was back for good, she starts to slowly disappear again. She realizes that all she has been in the tears in his eyes. Her return was only for a few minutes…. During the delivery, Xu Feng shows up and chases away all the people. The God lady says that because JinMi saves many from the battle behind demon and heaven, her life is spared.

Their son is fishing for a wife. Liu Ying is ruling the demon world strongly. Sui He went crazy and walks into the cave their the crazy brothers are. She gets dragged into the cave as their food…. But Guan Lu is by his side the whole time. JinMi and Xu Feng come to get their son and take him home. One happy family living in the mortal realm. Chexmix: Finally finished with this drama! The ending tho…. Maybe people who read the book can shed some light? Fun watch. Highly recommend it! Love the OST too! View all posts by Chexmix.

Hi, I just read the book.

Love Amid The Ashes

Not the typical story that she dies and he sufferes and the villian dies , and the end he made peace with his brother. Like Like. It just feels more happy ending with epilogue included than in drama. Like Liked by 1 person. Yes the drama ending would definitely be better if they included the 3rd and 4th epilogue as it is the start of their post marriage life, they just included the final epilogue and they did not even showed how JM and Phoenix preferred in showing their love for each other.

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It would be great if they show that Phoenix would get angry when JM did not request for divine essence. Got to say I watched and love most of the epi, but the book for me was still more enriching for me. The ending of the drama was rushed. I felt that in the ending scene, where they were walking home together lacked a little but since they are both parents now their prioty is their son. I did wish that there was more affectionate scenes of them in the ending though.

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You can read the translation at one second spring it will give you more closure. Like Liked by 2 people. This causes Jin Mi to become the brunt of many jokes when she gets tangled in a love triangle with Fire Immortal Xufeng and the ambitious Night Immortal Runyu.

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The MC is a very naive fairy. I have never noticed him before, but now he gained a new fan and has my full attention. Based on the same novel by Ming Xiaoxi, the story focuses on a lively and passionate heiress to a big estate, Ru Ge, and her entangled love with three men in her life. He looks sooooooooooo cool!!!! Terms Content policy Privacy policy Mod policy. Even waiting for '6 thousand years' is too light for the ML.

Jin Mi is tricked into thinking her father died at the hands of Xufeng and kills him, coughing up the magic pill in the process. Xufeng is revived a decade later as the Demon Lord, and wages war against Runyu, who has now ascended the throne as Heavenly Emperor.

Jin Mi is caught between a rock and a hard place, and ultimately sacrifices herself to return peace to the world. Xufeng marries her and they lived happily ever after with their 7 year old son. The series began filming in June , and wrapped up in October This drama was commercially successful, placing first among audience ratings in its time slot and exceeded 15 billion views.

However later on, the series received criticism from many viewers about the extortionate amount of focus on the second male lead's storyline and background story, and his increased screentime compared to the main leads. Further, there was also much controversy surrounding the production company's decision to use a combination of two scripts, which complicated the writing credits. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ashes of Love Drama poster. Xianxia Fantasy Romance. Liu Ning Zhang Yancheng [2]. August 23, Netease in Chinese. January 13, China Daily.

Sina in Chinese. March 8, June 20, July 16, Jiangsu TV in Chinese. July 20, Tencent in Chinese. January 9, April 27, June 16, China in Chinese. August 10, June 19, September 22, October 17, October 12, October 18, October 16, February 12, July 24, August 2, Huanqiu in Chinese. August 24, Huanqiu Fengyun Website in Chinese.

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September 2, People Daily in Chinese. August 16, Tianjin Newspaper in Chinese. August 5, August 21, August 27, Retrieved 6 August October 22, December 6, December 20, Heavy Sweetness , Ash-Like Frost.