Maradona: The Hand of God

1986: Maradona and the ‘Hand of God’
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Maradona did a good job of selling it by wheeling away in celebration, though his quick glances at the officials were telling. Bin Nasser, standing outside the box closer to England's left touchline, probably had his sightline partially blocked by Shilton and the crowd of bodies but the linesman on the opposite side, Bogdan Dotchev, should have had an unobstructed view.

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England pushed forward in an attempt to respond but a few minutes later, Maradona doubled Argentina's lead with a goal that, as Davies put it, there was no doubt about. Maradona received the ball just inside the Argentina half. Taking a first touch towards his own goal to evade one opponent, he then found himself in the face of another and rolled the ball back to spin away towards the right touchline.

With some space to run into, he then sped away from Peter Reid in pursuit as he crossed the halfway line. Gradually cutting inside towards the England box, Terry Butcher came out to meet him but could only swing a desperate leg in Maradona's vague direction as he checked further into the middle of the pitch. Now approaching the edge of the area, a stationary Terry Fenwick never had a chance of stopping the 5' 5" ball of speed hurtling towards him and simply tried to foul Maradona before he could advance on Shilton.

No luck. Maradona had one more player to beat; Shilton himself. Anticipating a shot into the far corner, the goalkeeper went to ground and Maradona dragged the ball past him with his left foot exactly as he had done with Fenwick before dispatching into the empty net despite Kenny Sansom clattering him from behind.

No glance at the officials this time. Gary Lineker would pull a goal back late on for England, but they could not find a second. After the match, when TV replays and photographs had clearly established that Maradona had handled the ball, the scorer gave his first goal its famous name by commenting that it had gone in "a little with the head of Maradona and a little with the hand of God". He added later: "I was waiting for my teammates to embrace me, and no one came I told them, 'Come hug me, or the referee isn't going to allow it.

Bin Nasser and Dotchev blamed each other. England manager Bobby Robson was more certain about what he saw. You don't expect decisions like that at World Cup level. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. It's not that the game itself changed the way football is played, or had a long-lasting effect on the rules and regulations of the sport -- unlike the match between the two nations in the World Cup, when Antonio Rattin claimed he didn't understand English as the referee indicated he should leave the pitch.

Rattin's refusal delayed play for so long that by the next World Cup, in , red and yellow cards had been introduced as universal symbols that required no further explanation. In what happened in the space of a few minutes was that everything that's possible in a game of football took place on the pitch, in full view of everyone watching, and it was all carried out by one man. The bad and the good, the ugly and the beautiful, lawlessness and perfection all displayed for everyone to see.

How Diego Maradona redefined football in the space of less than five minutes

Argentine writer Juan Sasturain often says the word 'football' is wrong, because it's not a game one plays with one's feet, it's a game that one is not allowed to play with one's hand. That's almost the main rule. And yet Argentina's first goal against England was scored with a hand, but unseen by the referee and the linesmen, it was allowed. The infamous "Hand of God," as the perpetrator dubbed it immediately after the match with a certain cheekiness -- rather than blasphemy -- almost like a child blaming his brother for stealing the sweets.

It was a moment that stunned the world.

Top 10 Dirty Goals in Football History

A tiny man outsmarts the tall goalkeeper -- Peter Shilton -- by jumping high in the air with his arm stretched up, closed fist, and simply punches the ball into the net. As shocking as it was unfair, the tension only rises as the fans inside the stadium and watching on TV wonder if the goal will stand. Some live commentary of the match suggests it will be disallowed -- "I think he handles the ball", "is it hand-ball? For the English, a blatant injustice so hard to stomach that bookmakers William Hill paid punters who called it a draw in spite of the final score.

Photos: Key World Cup moments. Geoff Hurst, — Did it cross the line? With the scores between England and West Germany level at in the World Cup final, striker Geoff Hurst's shot hit the crossbar and deflected downwards. At first a goal wasn't given, but then allowed after consultation between the referee and linesman. The game ended , securing England's first and only World Cup victory. Hide Caption. Pele, — Brazil's th World Cup goal, celebrated wildly by Pele, who jumped into the air with joy as his side took the lead in the final against Italy.

The game ended to Brazil -- their third World Cup victory. Dutch great Johan Cruyff scored three goals in the World Cup, twice against Argentina in the second round and then against Brazil in a win that sent Holland through to the final. Harald Schumacher, — An ugly moment.

German goalkeeper Harald Schumacher clattered into France's Patrick Battiston, who was through on goal, knocking him unconscious at the semifinal in Spain. Schumacher was unmoved as his opponent was stretchered off the field.

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Diego Maradona, — "The Hand of God" needs little introduction. England vs. Argentina, the quarterfinal of the World Cup in Mexico. A mis-hit clearance was heading into the hands of goalkeeper Peter Shilton, before a leaping Diego Maradona intercepted it with his hand, punching the ball into the net. The game ended , with Argentina going on to win the World Cup.

Roger Milla, — One of the greatest ever World Cup celebrations. Roger Milla turned on the style at the World Cup in Italy, which saw his Cameroon team reach the quarterfinals -- the furthest an Africa team has ever gone in the competition. Less than a week after seeing his team eliminated from the competition due to his error, Escobar was shot dead on the streets of Medellin, a murder linked to drug lords who lost huge amounts of money on the result.

Over three decades on, they still blame each other. It can probably be classed as a feud. There was beauty, there was sleight of hand, and there was controversy. There was confusion, there was anger, and there was jubilation. Time stood still, two men dressed in all-black looked at each other, and neither of them knew the answer to the question that was asked of them.

A goal was given. They stared at one another in a prolonged manner, each in hope that the other had spotted a vaguely sensed infringement. They both ran back to the halfway line, Bin Nasser with no option but to give the goal and Dotchev having made no signal either way. Over 30 years later and that goal is still one of the most widely discussed goals in the history of the game.

It is arguably the most famous goal in the history of the game.

It was more the clenched Fist of God than the Hand of God, perhaps. June 22, midday sun blazing high in the sky, that spidery shadow lurking ominously in the centre-circle, just inside the Argentina half and to the right of the centre-spot. None of those still photographs successfully capture the moment of contact. Each one of them is either a split second too late, or too soon.

The camera does lie from time to time. Time has distorted the occurrence to a large extent. There was confusion both on and off the pitch. It took over 30 seconds for the first inkling of what had occurred to filter through and even then no-one was entirely certain.

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On the pitch, only Maradona himself, Peter Shilton and Terry Fenwick had any real certainty over what had happened. Fenwick raced to the halfway line in pursuit of Bin Nasser, protesting animatedly as he did. Glenn Hoddle belatedly joined him in protest, but with no more conviction as that of a man who had been told a first-hand account of the crime he was now trying to report, as opposed to having witnessed it himself.

Argentina vs. England

The Hand of God is the name given to the goal scored by Argentine footballer Diego Armando Maradona in the quarter-final match between Argentina and England during the World Cup. The event took place on June 22, , at the Azteca Stadium in. The Hand of God is the name given to the goal scored by Argentine footballer Diego Armando Maradona in the quarter-final match between Argentina and.

It all happened so quickly and it was almost out of sync with a game that was predominantly slow paced due to the baking climate. The two goals Maradona scored that day are sold as classic examples of the double-sided coin of his personality. If the second goal was a beauty, then the first one was the beast? There was beauty within that first goal too, however. The beauty was in the build-up. From some perspectives, there is also beauty to be found in the finish.