Natural Anxiety Relief Using Herbs and Supplements

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Several studies have concluded that kava does significantly lower anxiety. However, the supplement has also been implicated in cases of liver failure, Lenz said, so it cannot be recommended, Lenz said. Valerian root: This herb has been used to treat of anxiety and sleep disorders.

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One study found that the combination of valerian root with St. John's wort was more effective than the medication diazepam at reducing anxiety in patients who were treated for two weeks. However, other studies have shown no effect of this herb on anxiety, so there's not enough evidence to say it works, Lenz said.

Low doses of this herb are considered safe when taken for less than one month, Lenz said.

7 Natural Remedies for Stress and Anxiety

However, high doses may cause changes in heart rhythm and blurred vision, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. Passionflower: Studies have shown that passionflower lowers anxiety in mice, but only one study has been carried out in humans, according to Lenz. That randomized, placebo-controlled study was done in in patients with general anxiety disorder, and found that 45 drops of liquid passionflower daily was as effective in treating the disorder as the drug oxazepam. Still, more research on its safety and effectiveness is needed, Lenz wrote in his study.

John's wort: In one study of 40 patients with social anxiety disorder, taking St.

Nutritional Supplements

Conventional treatment options include therapy and medication, but Like herbal teas, many herbal supplements claim to reduce anxiety. If you're considering taking any herbal supplement as a treatment for anxiety, talk to your doctor first, especially if you take other medications.

Many herbal supplements are sedatives and should not be taken with other sedative drugs or alcohol, Lenz said. The best way to treat stress over the long term is to identify the root causes of it, and see if your lifestyle can be changed to reduce it, Mehta said.

People can also try meditation, yoga , controlled breathing, tai chi or exercise to help cope with stress, he said. If you plan to start using herbal supplements for stress, you should know that they can vary widely in their quality and content.

Conventional Treatment for Anxiety

For this reason, you should consult an integrative medicine practitioner or other expert familiar with these products before taking them, Mehta said. Home Mental Health Anxiety. However, as is common with studies about alternative and natural therapies, the researchers explain that more work needs to be done to further examine its benefits. There is some evidence that omega-3 fatty acids may ease anxiety.

But is it effective? Some smaller studies have linked L-lysine to a reduction of anxiety symptoms, including one in the journal Biomedical Research. Doing so may be a natural way to calm yourself, according to information presented in a issue of Behavioral Sciences. Ultimately, they concluded that a variety of research points to a positive association between the two. However, they make it clear that a host of variables may drive the experience.

25 Proven Natural Remedies for Anxiety Relief | Be Brain Fit

For example, personal feelings about nature, differing views on what makes a natural environment pleasing, and other mental health conditions are just a few considerations. Get moving to help reduce your anxiety. After all, the Anxiety and Depression Association of America states that even just brief walks lasting about 10 minutes may boost mood. Exercise can also improve overall cognitive function and reduce fatigue.

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