Prayer Can Change Your Marriage

If You Ever Want Your Husband to Actually Change
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Help us focus on each other and maintain a passionate relationship within our marriage. Give us the wisdom we need to communicate clearly with each other and better understand each other.

When Two Pray - Focus on the Family

Help us consistently invest time and energy into our marriage—despite other demands like work and parenting—so that our emotional connection won't be neglected. Surround us with caring and trustworthy people who will encourage and support us as we work to build a better marriage.

Help us both to stay focused on you as our top priority each day. Lead us in the same direction together: closer to you. I believe that you can choose to do anything to improve our marriage if both of us are willing to cooperate with your work. Thank you for answering my prayer; I trust in your complete and unconditional love for both of us and look forward to whatever miracles you may bring into our marriage.

Share Flipboard Email. We are right behind you with 9 years coming up on June 28th:- You two are a beautiful couple and yes you still look the same as 10 years ago, both of you Simply amazing. Love you both. So privileged to walk beside you.

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Wonderful post, and familiar in my life as well. It has truly been the grace of God that we are still together. Yes, we both have willfully made a choice to keep at it. And that goes for my husband too. I think it is important to be transparent to other believers. I used to believe that most of the Christian couples I knew had idealistic marriages. Just recently, another couple were visiting with us, and we opened up about our courtship and marriage and some of the difficulties we have gone through.

Why do I think that every marriage I see in our church body is perfect, except for mine?

Girlfriends in God

I hid my problems from my Christian friends, I put on my mask when I went to church. Show him to me through your eyes. If you want this marriage to continue, then you will have to make it happen. There is still room for improvement. I think there will always be room for us to grow closer. I thank my God, my Daddy, for my husband.

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Oh, girl. I love it.

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Lara, I feel like the words you spoke echo my very heart, as my husband and I will celebrate our tenth anniversary next weekend. Because I sure wanted him to do it differently. No, I would have to come up with a better plan. So with a big, heavy sigh, I began praying. And then I waited. Prayed some more. Waited and waited and waited. Still nothing. An Unexpected Change Until one day while I was chopping vegetables in the kitchen, he walked by me and dropped a simple remark.

Can you believe it?? That beloved Brick Wall of Mine had moved after all. God had changed what I could not. Praying for Change God has the most marvelous ways of answering our prayers.

Benefits of prayer beyond the obvious

So the most powerful move you can make in your marriage? Because if He can move mountains?

Then he can move brick walls. I know. Even watched Him move me.