Totally Nonnegative Matrices (Princeton Series in Applied Mathematics)

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He examines matrix means and their applications, and shows how to use positive definite functions to derive operator inequalities that he and others proved in recent years. Positive Definite Matrices is an informative and useful reference book for mathematicians and other researchers and practitioners. The book can be used for graduate courses in linear algebra, or as supplementary material for courses in operator theory, and as a reference book by engineers and researchers working in the applied field of quantum information.

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Beautifully written and intelligently organised, Positive Definite Matrices is a welcome addition to the literature. Readers who admired his Matrix Analysis will no doubt appreciate this latest book of Rajendra Bhatia. Its exposition is both concise and leisurely at the same time. Like the author's distinguished book, Matrix Analysis , it will be a convenient and much-quoted reference source.

There are many wonderful insights in a first-rate exposition of important ideas not easily extracted from other sources. The scholarship is impeccable. Horn, University of Utah. Bhatia presents some important material in several topics related to positive definite matrices including positive linear maps, completely positive maps, matrix means, positive definite functions, and geometry of positive definite matrices.

Positive Definite Matrices Princeton Series in Applied Mathematics

Booksinclude those of a theoretical and general nature as well as those dealing withthe mathematics of specific applications areas and real-world situations. Ap-plegate, Robert E. Bixby, Vasek Chvatal, and William J. Hirschfeld, G.

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Korchmros,and F. FallatCharles R. This seemingly unlikely occurrence arises in a remarkable variety of ways see Section 0.

Indeed, it is the most useful and aesthetic matricialtopic not covered in the broad references [HJ85] and [HJ91]. It is our purposehere to give a largely self-contained development of the most fundamentalparts of that structure from a modern theoretical perspective. Applicationsof totally nonnegative matrices and related numerical issues are not the mainfocus of this work, but are recognized as being integral to this subject.

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Wealso mention a number of more specialized facts with references and givea substantial collection of references covering the subject and some relatedideas. However,each has a somewhat special perspective and, by now, each is missing somemodern material. The most recent of these, [GM96], is more than fifteenyears old and is a collection of useful, but noncomprehensive papers broadlyin the area.

In [Kar68] and [And87] the perspective taken leads to a notationand organization that can present difficulty to the reader needing particularfacts. Perhaps the most useful and fundamental reference over a long periodof time [GK60], especially now that it is readily available in English, is fromthe perspective of one motivating and important application and is nowabout sixty years old.

This tool is largely unused in the prior refer-ences.

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Along with the elementary bidiagonal factorization, planar diagrams,a recently appearing concept, are introduced as a conceptual combinatorialtool for analyzing totally nonnegative matrices. In addition to the seeminglyunlimited use of these combinatorial objects, they lend themselves to obtain-ing prior results in an elegant manner, whereas in the past many results inthis area were hard fought. As we completed this volume, the book [Pin10]appeared. Of course, its appearance is testimony to interest inand importance of this subject.

It could also be readilyused to guide a seminar on the subject for either those needing to learn theideas fundamental to the subject or those interested in an attractive segmentof matrix analysis. For brevity, we have decided not to include textbook-typeproblems to solidify the ideas for students, but for purposes for which thesemight be useful, a knowledgeable instructor could add appropriate ones. Our organization is as follows.

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Any other needed background can be found in [HJ85] ora standard elementary linear algebra text. Chapter 2 develops the ubiq-uitously important elementary bidiagonal factorization and related issues,such as LU factorization and planar diagrams that allow a combinatorialanalysis of much about totally nonnegative matrices. This and related ideas, such as sufficient collections ofminors, are the subject of Chapter 3.

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The ideas surroundingthis fact are developed in Chapter 4 and several converses are given. Theeigenvalues of a totally positive matrix are positive and distinct and theeigenvectors are highly structural as well. A broad development of spectralstructure and principal submatrices etc. Like positivesemidefinite and M-matrices, totally nonnegative matrices enjoy a numberof determinantal inequalities involving submatrices. These are explored inChapter 6. It is inevitable, unfortunately,that we may have missed some relevant work in the literature. We consistently use totally nonnega-tive and totally positive among a hierarchy of refinements.